Blue Output Caution Status LED Panel Lighting for Controllable Safety Measures

Everywhere we go nowadays we are more cognizant of things that don’t look or feel right. Safety is a paramount issue in public places and spaces, not the least of which are places such as offices, auditoriums, or classrooms.

SONARAY now offers a Blue Output LED Panel Light that when combined with the right system controls, can signal status notification or warning.

An authorized administrator, can for example, control remotely the panel lighting in a classroom. If a dangerous situation presents, the administrator can by remote control change the color of the LED panel from a normal color to a blue output color to let people know something is wrong. When the situation changes, the administrator can remotely change the color back to normal to signal the all clear. The fixtures have 0-10V dimming as standard and the authorized administrator has the capability to select different CCT settings or adjust brightness by the remote control.

The system details are in the works and will soon be available in a broader scale, but the panel is now available and is comes in 40 or 50-watt model from SONARAY. The 40-watt version is a 2 x 2 fixture and the 50-watt is a 2 x 4 fixture.

Generally only one panel is needed per classroom or small office with only several needed for hallways and a few for spaces such as large conference halls or auditoriums.

The fixtures have integral driver power supply, are made with durable aluminum housing, and polycarbonate lens with side-lit design for low glare output.

The panels are IP40-rated, come with standard recess wall mounting capability, and have a rated lifetime of 50,000 hours.

SONARAY is extremely excited about this promising and innovative fixture because it will improve safety and notification warning in a subtle, but effective way.

Stay tuned for more information on the complete system roll-out with more details coming soon.

Ken Bryant