The Importance of Safety, Aesthetic Appeal, Form Factor, and Functionality

School is back in session at virtually every level now and it seems like summer went by really fast. The days have become shorter and that means less light - at least, less natural light.

At SONARAY we specialize in industrial lighting, but some of our fixtures combine the attributes of industrial lighting along with an aesthetic appeal that lets them be used in a host of commercial lighter industrial or educational environments.

Education seems to be a big market because schools are very safety conscious, probably more than ever when it comes to lighting. Whether it is outdoor fixtures to light paths, walkways, dorms, basketball courts, or common areas it is critical for schools to have lighting that is safe, energy-saving, and long-lasting. This is also true for schools with indoor lighting. They want to save money and provide lighting that is easy on the eyes, clear, safe, efficient, and attractive.

Our Obi Light Bar has turned out to be a fixture that has worked extremely well in areas including outdoor college signage or in college bookstores and common areas, study rooms, or hallways. The Obi has incredible lumen output, is value-priced, offers excellent clarity, comfortable color temperature, and simply looks really attractive in modern or traditional settings.

The Obi is also available with many of the control features that are in high demand. We offer dimmable options and color tuning with Obi. This makes the fixture a great choice for schools or colleges that are looking to conserve and save without jeopardizing safety or sacrificing charm for a particular area.

Obi seems to check all the boxes when it comes to a fixture to fit well within the scope of what we see as necessary in school settings. It is paramount that students feel safe and are protected by lighting. They need lighting not only to avoid falls, but also exceptional illumination may aid in keeping unsafe individuals or situations involving unwanted individuals at bay, serving as a detriment to folks who might use areas that are not well-lit for undesirable actions.

Obi is frankly one of the best looking luminaires on the market. The sleek design and choice of lens make it very attractive and durable. Again, schools often want a fixture to have a certain form factor or fit well within the legacy or heritage of their architectural look. This fixture can be highlighted to look modernly attractive or it can fit well as an unobtrusive fixture, one that is subtly brilliant in doing its work while blending in to its setting.

Of course functionality is always an important factor with any lighting fixture and again, Obi would receive stellar marks from any education facility for its tough durability including polycarbonate lens and its clarity, beam angle, flexibility, and true lumen output.

So while summer is drawing closer to an end and the days are getting shorter in lots of parts of the U.S., the Obi Light Bar is poised to serve as a smart choice for education and facilities that want the best in safe and effective lighting at an unparalleled price point.

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Ken Bryant