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Our Mission

When it comes to deciding which company and brand to choose for your lighting needs, we realize there are many options in the market today.  That’s why at SONARAY we strive to differentiate ourselves through our products, our people, and the way we do business.

Indeed, our stated mission is to “Create and contribute to a more intelligent and sustainable planet and a better human condition by offering innovative LED lighting solutions.”  But are these just words?  What REALLY makes SONARAY so special?  Why are we the brand for you?


Detail & Design

To begin, we believe in detail in all that we do.  Even when naming our product, we were seeking to do and be something different.  The name SONARAY, whose origin is derived from the Spanish word “soñar” (meaning “to dream”) and the English word “ray” (meaning “a narrow beam of light”) is indicative of the dreams we have to provide our clients with the absolute best in innovative design, quality construction, performance, and savings.


Quality Products

Our fixtures are engineered to reflect our commitment to these qualities.  In a world where lighting changes quickly, we continue to evolve and innovate by using the absolute best in quality components, testing our products to rigid standards, constantly looking for tangible ways to improve the physical characteristics of our luminaires, and perhaps most importantly, seeking to always put our customers first and enhance the customer experience by offering exceptional support and warranties. We design, engineer, and manufacture our own proprietary products and we are a "right-sized" company with flexibility and scalability for specific solutions.


Inventory + Fast, Free Shipping

We like to think we separate ourselves from many others in our industry by offering real programs that influence the outcomes our customers see and feel.  This way of doing business includes things such as keeping a vast inventory of finished products in our Central Virginia warehouse.  This cuts down on lead time for our customers and allows us to ship most orders the very same day.  In fact, our Quick Ship program is one of the most robust in the industry and includes a variety of fixtures and poles. In addition, we also offer free ground freight with every order in the contiguous U.S.


Free Lighting Layouts 

We also offer complimentary, no obligation lighting layouts for our valued clients and partners. Our dedicated team is focused on providing you with easy information to help you meet your lighting goals, all while helping to maximize your energy and dollar savings.


Help with Rebates 

In line with our philosophy on savings, we even provide the service of helping you determine what utility company rebates might be available for your specific application.  We view every account as a reference account and those “dreams” we referred to earlier are not confined to only a few select accounts.


We Care

At SONARAY we think a little differently because we are driven to be a client-first, planet-first company.  We care about your needs today, and we also care about preserving a greener and cleaner world for the future. These are words and ideals that we live each and every day.