Not all LED Fixtures are Created Equal

By now the world is pretty accepting of the fact that LED Lighting can save consumers at both the personal and business level a good amount of money over time, but what sometimes is overlooked is that not all LED fixtures are created equal.

There are a lot of very low-cost LED fixtures in the marketplace and some don't carry the quality, support, or programs that you might want to look for in order to get maximum value and long-life with crisp, clear lighting.

At SONARAY we use only the best in LED chip sets for longevity, efficacy, and crisp, focused lighting.  As a "right-sized" manufacturer we are large enough to respond to our customers needs in a timely fashion, but also flexible enough to do things such as create custom fixtures for challenging environments.

We also build our fixtures with the best in raw materials and back them with long-life drivers (many of which are replaceable without swapping out an entire fixture), a good warranty, outstanding support, and free ground freight to our customers in the contiguous U.S.  Our location and large on-hand stock of products also means we can respond to customers needs in a very timely fashion.

So while we certainly encourage folks to use LED lighting to save money and the environment, we also challenge you to look a little deeper when making your fixture selection.  You won't be sorry if you choose a manufacturer that provides a complete lighting package that includes proven, quality luminaires combined with the best in programs, availability, and service.

Ken Bryant