Looking to the future - Watch us GROW

As SONARAY looks to expand their product lines and keep an eye on the future, they not only want to provide products that will be successful for the company and distribution partners, but also products that can really make a difference in the lives of people.  Part of the core mission has always been to improve things for people - to do things that have a truly tangible positive impact on the world we all live in today and the world for future generations.

Recently I recall a conversation with the Marketing Director for SONARAY and he told me of an event where he listened to the CEO and President of a very large fortune 500 company with billions of dollars in revenue each year.  That company has made a dramatic shift in the way they look at things from their business perspective. As the CEO of that company put it "The greatest stress point we see in the world today is the growing population and the scarcity of food and water to feed that population."

If you notice the SONARAY web banners on the brand website you'll note that Horticulture Fixtures are coming soon and will be a part of the SONARAY product offering.  The above picture is a test bed in a "vertical farm" where LED fixtures are used to help promote the growth of plants while saving money on energy for the grower.  The idea is to create an environment where food is grown safely, quickly, and cost-effectively.  Also, controlled environments allow for year round growth in areas that might otherwise be limited by extreme weather conditions.

SONARAY is projecting that the first generation of SONARAY Horticulture Fixtures should be available by the end of second quarter.

So while SONARAY will continue to focus on industrial, commercial, and maritime LED fixtures, there will also be products directed to the "grow light" market.  SONARAY also believes that food scarcity will be a huge stress point now and well into the future and they hope to be a part of the solution in addressing that point.

Ken Bryant