SONARAY offers complete Sports Lighting Solution

Building on its strength in area and flood lighting, SONARAY has recently announced at LIGHTFAIR 2019 that it now offers a complete solution for sports lighting.

The offering includes luminaires in the 500, 1000, and 1500-watt models along with remote driver and system monitoring capabilities.

The remote driver allows users to conduct service and routine maintenance from a spot that is more logistically advantageous. For example, the driver box can be accessed much further down the pole than on the masthead or upper part of the pole where the fixture is mounted. This makes it safer, more economical, and easier to maintain.

Remote monitoring capability allows users to control various aspects of lighting from devices including various models of their smartphone or i-pad devices. This allows easier and more centralized monitoring of the entire sports lighting system.

SONARAY also offers a variety of poles, many of which can be delivered with very short lead times to customers. This provides the customer with a complete solution that allows for all elements of the lighting to be contained within one system and from one source.

Of course, the fixtures themselves are lightweight, high-output, anti-corrosive treated luminaires that will provide users with many years of safe, efficient, and cost-effective lighting.

SONARAY also provides complementary lighting layouts and suggestions to both the end user or lighting expert offering the lighting package to the end user. This is part of the complete sports lighting solution and differentiates SONARAY from many others in this lighting space.

Ken Bryant