OCEANRAY Flood Lights Provide Unmatched Flexibility

SONARAY™ industrial and commercial LED lighting is pleased to expand its product line with the introduction of OCEANRAY LED Flood Lights.

OCEANRAY has been engineered and developed specifically to address the demanding environment for lighting in the commercial marine transportation space.  Today SONARAY™ LED luminaires are in use in shipyards, military boating applications, commercial fishing, and other maritime markets where durability and performance are essential.

OCEANRAY Flood Lights have been designed to address the ongoing need for exceptional, durable lighting in heavy nautical applications.  In addition, the flood lights offer unmatched flexibility in beam angle and watt ranges.  Beam angles for SONARAY Flood Lights go from 18 to 120 degrees and models range from 30 to 1000 watts.

The luminaires are also IP65 rated for salt spray resistance and are anti-corrosive.

For more on OCEANRAY Flood Lights from SONARAY, contact the company at 877.434.1377.



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