Outdoor Signage? Obi shows unmatched versatility

For a while you’ve been reading about how versatile and flexible the Obi Light Bar is for many applications. One area that people may not think about is outdoor lighting for signage. Since Obi has such a great lumen package and has exceptional IK and IP ratings, it is a great fixture for use in outdoor applications.

And, with an NSF-version available, the fixture is readily made to withstand elements of all different types.

The photo you see shown is of a lighting entrance sign to Bridgewater College, a well-known private institute of higher learning nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

When looking for a fixture for this signage there were a lot of factors that had to be considered. First, the college wanted something that would fit in well and be aesthetically pleasing. Since the column welcoming you to Bridgewater is so attractive and the surrounding architecture blends together, it was important to have a fixture that looked good, but was almost unobtrusive in that it did not draw attention to the form factor itself.

Second, it was very important to have a consistent light output and lumen package that made the signage look great but also be able to withstand the elements and be safe and bright. All college campuses are beginning to really mandate that lighting be very safe, whether lighting walking trails or lighting signs. It is imperative that a fixture be able to perform and provide crisp, clear lighting.

Next, the college wanted something that would be easy on energy. This is important not only from a cost-saving factor, but also because sustainability is very important for the college. By using LED lighting the carbon footprint is smaller, the lighting is crisp and clear, and the fixture should last for a long time.

This brings us to another point, that being the Obi is easy to install and has a long-life rating so that the maintenance team at the college can be assured that the sign should remain lit without worry or problems for a much longer time than if using some other type of lighting technology.

Finally, the sale price for Obi fell well within range of what the college was looking for in terms of the project. Not only will the college reap savings of using LED technology, but the upfront costs are very good and the value proposition for this fixture is really outstanding.

In summary, exterior lighting or signage lighting is extremely important because of safety, savings, and aesthetics. Obi fits the bill for this college and for many other applications.

Ken Bryant