SONARAY Flood Lights fit a myriad of applications.

Recently Marine News Magazine recognized SONARAY as one of its top 100 brands serving the marine industry. This recognition was largely because of the performance of SONARAY LED Flood Lights in shipping, ports, and other marine applications. SONARAY LED Flood Lights are used in rugged ports in Panama, on commercial fishing craft navigating the Bering Sea, on military vessels, on dredges, and many other applications both in blue and brown water scenarios. While marine is a great vertical market using the flood lights, the lights are also used in many other applications.

Both the 520 and 1000-watt models of the flood light are used in area and sports lighting applications. SONARAY floods are excellent for multipurpose fields including baseball, football, and soccer.

The Ulm, Germany arm of SONARAY recently retrofitted a soccer field in Stuttgart, Germany and the U.S. division just shipped 1000-watt flood lights for two baseball fields. The high-powered flood lights perform with impressive lumen outputs that average 140 lumens per watt.

SONARAY builds flood lights that range in power from 30-watts all the way up to the 1000-watt model that is so popular in the sports applications.

As of this writing SONARAY is offering special stocking quantity pricing on the 150-watt model of its Delta Flood Light line. Uses for this fixture can range anywhere from area lighting to wall washer lighting for large buildings to use on bridges or in marine applications.

Ken Bryant