SONARAY offers custom natatorium solutions with Obi

If you or your customers have indoor pools or natatoriums who are looking for crisp, clear, safe lighting at an affordable price, then consider Obi Light Bars from SONARAY.

Obi is value priced, IP69K rated, 3000 PSI hose-down tested, is designed with a polycarbonate lens, is chlorine safe, and is available in a variety of beam angles.

SONARAY can even custom design fixtures for specific natatorium applications with special bracketry such as the image shown in this blog. This is a current fixture mount where SONARAY is designing unique brackets for illumination within a natatorium where line of site is a consideration for spectators in an elevated seating environment.  This project also must take into account that indirect lighting is necessary for the pool area itself.  The fixtures need to be placed at a certain height for optimal pool lighting, but conventional fixtures would interfere with viewing.  As such, the engineering team at SONARAY has developed a custom solution using the versatile Obi.

One of the true advantages of SONARAY is that for moderately sized projects the SONARAY engineering and product management team can often develop custom solutions to meet special needs.

Flexibility is a key component of the business makeup of SONARAY and certainly for Obi Light Bar fixtures.

For natatorium applications, Obi fixtures are often a great fit for safe, effective, and affordable lighting solutions.


Ken Bryant