Select Delta Flood Lights in OCEANRAY family now UL1598A Marine Certified

SONARAY LED Flood Lights have long been recognized in the marine industry for their toughness, durability, safety, high impact and ingress ratings, and lumen output. This is evidenced by the fact that the brand has been recognized by Marine News Magazine ( as one of its top 100 brands serving the maritime industry in each of the last two years. SONARAY is the ONLY lighting brand to be recognized by the publication in either year, and to garner consecutive recognition speaks highly of the brand’s staying power and leadership role in that industry.

Recently select models of the Delta Flood Light Series from SONARAY received UL1598A Marine Certification. These models include the Delta 60, 100, 150, and 250-watt models. This certification means the marine flood lights (part of the OCEANRAY brand division of SONARAY) now have been tested to meet the stringent and independent requirements of the lab to work well in maritime environments.

OCEANRAY LED Flood Lights have anti-corrosive treatment, some of the best impact ratings in the industry, and have advanced chip sets which allow ever increasing clarity and lumen output for the fixtures.

The fixtures are currently being used on military craft, commercial fishing vessels, in ports around the world, on dredges, and in a host of other blue and brown water applications.

UL1598A now also opens other doors for the OCEANRAY fixtures as it helps SONARAY to meet specification requirements in place for certain marine environments.

With a long-standing history of excellence and proven durability, these fixtures are poised to further penetrate marine applications and make seafaring safer and more brilliantly lit for those navigating waters around the world.

Ken Bryant