What makes SONARAY fixtures different?

With a multitude of choices in the market, how do brands differentiate their products from their competition?  And as a consumer or lighting specifier or sales rep, how do you know that what you are buying, recommending, or selling is any better or fits an application more precisely than the next guy?

At SONARAY, we feel we have some very differentiating factors in the luminaires we build, and these differentiation points are basically part of the fabric of who we are as a company.

To begin, we all know that not all fixtures are created equal.  To date there frankly has been a lot of inferior product in the marketplace.  This only tends to drive skepticism about LED and can in fact, help to create stereotypes that are not true at all.  But, that is another off point discussion and this post is dedicated to showing why SONARAY is an excellent choice.

To begin, quality is what drives our performance in our people and in our products.  We use only the best in LED chip sets, drivers, and housing materials to manufacture our fixtures.  We know that great lighting starts with point of origin.  For these reason we use only chip sets that are bright, long-lasting, high performing, and produce exceptional clarity.  Without this part of quality, there really is no product.

Secondly, our fixtures have the best drivers and housing materials to assure our users of long fixture life and protection against the elements.  As evidence of this, you can see that many of our fixtures have superior IP and IK ratings, meaning they have tested well for moisture, dust, debris, and impact resistance.  As an example, our Delta Flood Lights have superior IK ratings, often far better than competing products.  These means they are well resistant to outside impact.

Many of our fixtures also possess a unique easy to swap out, field replaceable driver unit.  Our "easy interchange system" means that many of our drivers can be replaced quickly and easily, often without the need for a certified electrician.  This means that not only are our luminaires great in terms of initial long-life installation, but they are conducive to a prolonged life because the power supply (usually one of the most common failure parts of an LED fixture) can be replaced without the need to change out an entire fixture.

SONARAY fixtures are also compatible with the most popular dimming and motion sensing devices or add-on products of this type in the market.  This provides a great degree of flexibility for our users and gives us the added advantage of working in environments to truly maximize energy efficiency.

SONARAY is also a "right-sized" company.  What this means is that we are neither too big or too small.  We have the resources to respond to large orders with quick turnaround, but we also are able to offer custom solutions that many of the behemoth names in the industry will shy away from when they are truly tested.

The message here that needs to be reinforced is that not all LED manufacturers and fixtures are the same.  At SONARAY differentiation is more than just a buzz word.  And as we move forward with ongoing development of new and unique fixtures, you'll see it in our innovation, design, durability, and cost-effective luminaires in applications and technical spaces all over the world.

Ken Bryant