Oh Boy - It's Obi!

If you're looking for an exceptionally versatile product that works well in offices, warehouses, food processing plants, and car washes, among other applications, then say hello to Obi.

Obi is our latest light bar product with a sleek new design and some outstanding features and benefits.

Obi is DLC listed (for great rebates), carries an IP66 rating (excellent protection against damage from steam, fumes, water contact, spray, condensation, or dust), has been field tested to 3000 PSI, and is IK09 rated (sturdy and strong against mechanical impact).

This fixture is offered in a wide range of angles and optics with available beam angles ranging from 30 degrees to 130 degrees, to fit narrow or wide light output distribution requirements.  Obi is also available with a choice of either frosted or clear diffuser so aesthetic appeal is just as strong as its performance and durability.

With a rated lifetime of 50,000+ hours, a choice of mounting options, and superior lumen output (140-150 lumens per watt), Obi is a bright choice for clear, focused lighting and smart energy savings.

Obi is also available in an NSF-rated version for use in areas that require food processing spray and wash down such as in poultry plants, meat processing facilities, and more.

When you see Obi, you're sure to say "Oh boy!" because this fixture is priced attractively and is a great performing fixture with the looks to match.

Ken Bryant