Welcome to the world of SONARAY

If this is your first time visiting and learning about SONARAY, then we'd like to welcome you to our blog, our brand, and our company.

SONARAY was originally begun as DASCOM  Lighting back in 2008.  If you aren't familiar with DASCOM, the company is a highly diversified business conglomeration with global headquarters in Hong Kong.  In addition to LED lighting the company focuses on business transaction office printers as well as health care monitoring devices.  In fact, the business has been around for over 30 years and is well entrenched as a respected global leader in a number of fields.

SONARAY of course is the LED lighting brand and has been a prominent part of the Americas mix of offerings for approximately three years.  Our Americas headquarters are located about 2 1/2 hours outside of Washington, D.C. and we conduct business throughout North America and the LAT region.

You might be interested in knowing just a little about the culture of our company and brand.  First and foremost we believe that as a key company core value, we hold the ethical responsibility to give back, and be involved in our community at large.  That's why we not only invest in jobs, technology, and people, but also we are a strong advocate for supporting various charitable organizations including regional food banks, local food pantries, and places such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, among others.  While we believe that LED lighting is a key component of a greener and cleaner tomorrow, we are very deeply concerned about our world of today.

As such we keep an eye on the world around us and try to maintain close strategic partnerships with companies who share our philosophies and commitments.  An example is our long-standing relationship with Citizen Electronics Company, Ltd., a worldwide diversified business entity who just happens to also produce exceptional quality LED chip sets.

You see we take our quality and the blessings of our business offering very seriously in so many ways.  We believe that SONARAY is the culmination of acute focus on quality, precise engineering, forward thinking, ingenuity, and creativity.  Like the core tenets of the company, the brand is designed to create value for our clients and assist in maintaining a more sustainable planet.

At SONARAY we think you'll see something different and special in our fixtures and in our people.  Again, we welcome you to our blog and company.  We hope you'll find our brand as dynamic and exciting as we do.  We take lighting your world and lighting your dreams very seriously and we promise to try and improve our products and service each and every day in pursuit of being your choice for exceptional lighting.



Ken Bryant